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 Global Math Tutor offers quality tutoring services combined with educational materials differentiated by learning styles and designed to help students become confident mathematical thinkers. 

About Me

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I hold a Masters Degree in Education (M.Ed.) I have been working as a classroom educator for over 19 years.  Students who enter my classroom (or who use my methods) are met with high expectations and rigorous, direct instruction tailored to their specific needs. While in the classroom, the percentage of students demonstrating adequate yearly progress on their state testing increased from 29% to 39% for three years running. Considering that most bottom quartile performers "hold their level," during high-stakes testing, this shows that my methods achieved positive results.

My Experience


I am State of Florida certified in Mathematics - grade 6 -12 , and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - grade K-12. Each year, I participate in continuing education on a variety of educational topics to better differentiate my instruction style to meet the learning style of my students. 

About Me


When I'm not working with students, I enjoy coaching high school (Jesuit Tigers) and youth football( Bay Area Packers). My favorite weekend activity is spending time with my family and watching sports.


3rd and 4th grade


  • Week 1 - Numbers and operations in Base Ten
  • Week 2 - Operations in Algebraic Thinking (part 1)
  • Week 3 - Numbers and Operations - Fractions
  • Week 4 - Operations and Algebraic Thinking (part 2)
  • Week 5 - Measurement and Data
  • Week 6 - Geometry

5th and 6th grade


  • Week 1 - Numbers and operations in Base Ten and Fractions
  • Week 2 - Ratios and Proportional Relationships
  • Week 3 - Expressions and Equations (part 1)
  • Week 4 - Expressions and Equations (part 2)
  • Week 5 - Geometry
  • Week 6 - Statistics and Probability

7th and 8th grade


  • Week 1 - The Number System
  • Week 2 - Expressions and Equations (part 1)
  • Week 3 - Functions
  • Week 4 - Expressions and Equations (part 2)
  • Week 5 - Geometry
  • Week 6 - Statistics and Probability

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